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Voiceover Recording Manchester

Redwall Studios provides solutions as a voiceover studio in Bury. From ADR and dialogue to picture, to actor voice/show reels, audiobook recording or podcasts, we can cater for your needs. In a clean, professional environment we utilise industry standard, broadcast quality, recording equipment & software to capture crisp and clean spoken word sound. 

​We have an acoustically treated vocal booth and control room, plus quiet larger live spaces, for more involved ADR and voice sessions. This enables warm, rich vocal tones with extremely low background ambiance. We can also import your video into various DAW software (Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Wavelab) so you can record sound to picture.

We also offer remote recording (Steinberg VST Connect Pro, Zoom, Skype, etc), editing, mixing, mastering and post production options. These voice services are ideal for people working in professional TV and audio production, marketing, podcasters or YouTube channels. As each project is unique, please enquire for pricing information.

A small sample of previous clients...

Voiceover Artist Showreel Offer - £90

Are you an actor or actress looking for voice over work for television, radio or other media? Then you'll need a high quality recording to showcase your abilities and demonstrate why your voice stands out from a sea of chatter! We currently offer a very competitive voicereel package designed to create the evidence of your talent for a lot less than other studios. Our studios have a warm, friendly atmosphere to ensure your experience on the day is memorable and productive.

​With our package you'll get the following: 
- Up to 2 hours recording time with one of our professionally accredited sound engineers.
- 60 minutes post record edit session for mixing to ensure fluidity of your reel
- Your reel available electronically, in any audio format you require

Check out some samples of our previous happy clients in the SoundCloud player above.



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