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Here at Redwall Studios, we're passionate about recording.
We offer recording, mixing, and mastering services for most genres of music, from our recording studio based in Bury, Manchester. We can provide a genre specific engineer for your project requirements in order to produce a recording that you will be proud of. From an acoustic singer songwriter to a rock band's full blown album, from voice-over work to singing to backing tracks, we have the skills and professionalism to tailor-make your work sound the best it can be. 
We aim to be flexible on our projects, with savings on longer bookings. Our passion is to help musicians make awesome-sounding recordings that everyone is proud of! All rates include an engineer.



£160 PER DAY (8 Hours)
£90 1/2 DAY (4 HOURS)

Our fully-equipped recording studio provides an optimal recording environment for soloists, bands and groups seeking to record demos, mixtapes, singles, or albums. The studio features a digital recording setup and a variety of high-quality vocal and instrument microphones, professional gear, virtual instruments, and plugins to help you achieve an industry-standard sound for release on all streaming platforms. 


FROM £40


Pro quality mixing of your tracks recorded here or  music tracked at home or in another studio. We will import your separate audio files (stems) then evaluate each track and the necessary adjustments, including equalization, dynamics, compression, panning, layering, and effects. The vocals will be checked for pitch & timing issues. These changes will enhance the clarity and spaciousness of the mix, resulting in a clearer and more polished sound.


Our experienced engineers can deliver a final master you can be proud of by using a combination of advanced techniques such as equalization, compression, balancing, automation, limiting, and more. Each individual song will be optimized for CD and radio playback as well as many online streaming platforms. When working on an EP or album, our engineers will ensure consistency between each song, and we can provide a DDP for CD duplication.


Having a voice reel that accurately represents your voice and showcases your skills is crucial for promoting your abilities to agents and casting directors in the voice-over industry.

Each voice is distinct and must be evaluated on its own merits to highlight specific talents and capabilities, covering a wide range of voice-over work including commercials, documentaries, corporate projects, television, radio, online media.


Have a listen to some of our past clients work, recorded here at Redwall. Click the players below.

WTN Recording.webp
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